Let’s Boogie!

Get your Ol´ Rag Blues and your rockin´ Quo-trainers out, Status Quo Tribute is about to start a show which will make you bang your head off and dance ´til the morning!

They play all the classic Quo-hits, “Rockin´ All Over The World”, “Whatever You Want”, In The Army Now”, “Caroline” and many other (over 60 TOP40 hits!). With over 100 million sold records it´s guaranteed, that the Quo-songs will give you a great rockin´night.

Status Quo Tribute has been Rockin´ All Over The Finland for over ten years and the feeling it´s just getting better day by day. These guys love the Quo-music and will give their best every night playing the songs of their favourite rock´n´roll band.

So be ready for some great time, LET`S ROCK!

MySpace: www.myspace.com/statusquotribute

Email: statusquotribute(at)gmail.com